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Why Choose Bluehost? Here Are the Top 5 Reasons to Choose It

By March 12, 2018 No Comments

Bluehost has been the best web hosting company that provides awesome services to their clients and customers. Not only is it the best shared hosting provider, but it also is the oldest one in the market and still is going strong, all because of providing what the customers were looking for.

You might be looking for a proper web host to install your blog on, and you might have stumbled upon a lot of them. The top web hosting companies provide a lot of options to their customers but still Bluehost beats them all with its features and services. There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers and webmasters who promote their services and recommends Bluehost to everyone looking for a stable host. Even WordPress.org has considered it to be the best hosting for WordPress blogs since 2005.

So what makes Bluehost the favorite of everyone? Why do everyone suggest you to choose Bluehost? Here the top 5 reasons why you should choose Bluehost.

Why Choose Bluehost?

1. Excellent Support

When you are investing your money in something, you expect that you get proper support from them if you are facing any situations. And when you are looking to buy a host for your blog, this should be the #1 priority.

Bluehost offers a 24/7 support system where you can contact them via email or directly call them and talk to them over the phone. Apart from that, they also offer you to have a live chat session with them so that all of your queries are handled effectively and solved as soon as possible. The support that it offers is the number one reason to choose Bluehost and it doesn’t disappoint us on that point.

2. Affordable Prices

Bluehost offers the best web hosting service at the most affordable price. You can get one year of unlimited web hosting for yourself for as less a $6.95 per month but if you go for longer duration, then you can get the hosting account for just $4.95/month and that’s simply amazing compared to other providers. Bluehost discount coupon codes are not available but that’s okay as their prices are quite low. This makes the second point on why you should choose Bluehost.

3. No Limits

Everything is unlimited with Bluehost shared hosting account, unlike its competitors. If you buy Bluehost hosting, you get a free domain name with your purchase.

Plus, you can host unlimited domain names in your account, you have unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, create unlimited WordPress blogs, create unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts and much more amazing Bluehost features.

But if you have a site with high traffic, you should check out their dedicated hosting and VPS hosting as shared hosting might not work for you.

4. Easy WordPress Installation

Bluehost gives you the option to install WordPress easily. This is the biggest reason to choose Bluehost as it offers you a simple and easy to follow WordPress installation.

You can use SimpleScripts, a one-click WordPress installer, to install WordPress in Bluehost and follow the simple steps in the following screens and you will have your WordPress blog installed and ready to be edited. There is no need of download or upload or configuring anything. Just one click and your WordPress blog is installed.

5. CPanel demo and Easy Account Management

It is the only web hosting company that provides you with an account demo so that you can decide for yourself if you should really go with them or not! Bluehost is so confident in their services that they gives you the chance to test out everything before purchasing the account.

The Cpanel is also quite amazing and easy to use. Its designed properly and no one will ever face any issues with it. Simple, easy to use and amazing! The graphic interface is amazingly designed for the users to easily manage the websites, files, emails, databases, domains, website statistics and many other advanced features like network statistics, error pages etc.

Need Any Other Reason to Choose Bluehost?

These are the 5 reasons that tell you that Bluehost is the best in what it offers. I think that these reasons are enough to tell you why it is the best host for everyone and why you should choose Bluehost! So you must go with it as you won’t be disappointed at all.


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