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With all the different web hosting packages in the market, one can get really confused. Also known as Private Web Servers, this article discusses the most basic information you need to know about Virtual Private Servers.

What is Virtual Private Servers?

Virtual Private Servers or VPS is a expandable and economical web hosting solution that can adjust to the requirements of most kinds of website. This is a step higher to shared hosting and is a great alternative to websites and businesses who have increased their capacity and demand for hosting space and bandwidth. Virtual Private Server is the best of both worlds – the shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It has the same processing capacity or CPU as a shared hosting but has its own RAM and dedicated disk space similar to Dedicated Hosting.

Compared to a shared hosting, the Private Web Servers isolates you from the rest. The web hosting company allocates server space, speed, and memory to your account and considers it as a virtual “dedicated” server. There is also less chances of problems and setbacks. This is because your Virtual Private Server is isolated from other users in a shared hosting. For example, in a shared hosting, when a malicious script is run by a user, the entire server will experience slow speed, lag, and performance losses. So everyone who has a website in that server will be affected. In Private Web Servers, you are less affected because you are somewhat isolated as you are considered as a virtual stand-alone server.

With Virtual Private Servers, if your need becomes greater, you can easily expand it. More web hosting space? More memory. Maybe even house move websites into your server? Virtual Private Servers can do that for you.

For some, they want to make their own web reselling business. Instead of investing and buying their own physical servers, they go to a reliable hosting provider and purchase Virtual Private Servers. Then, they can sell the spaces according to the price they see fit.

When do I need a Virtual Private Servers?

Private Web Servers sound like a very good thing. The upgrades. The RAM. The possibilities. But it might be too overwhelming for you right now. The questions you need to ask yourself are as follows:

Has the demands of the website I own been overwhelming that the site does not respond quickly anymore?

Is my website getting plenty of traffic, which can lead to a decrease of hosting space and response time?

Do I have the monetary budget to afford a Virtual Private Server?

If you answers are “YES”, then you probably need to have Private Web Servers already. Website traffic is what keeps your site from being profitable. If the visits drop because of lagging website response and slow loading, then you need to upgrade. VPS is a better solution for you at this time.

Before you jump into Virtual Private Servers

Of course, the features and specifications of Virtual Private Servers differ from provider to provider. You need to make sure you will be getting the most out of your money. Go and check out different web hosting companies and see if their VPS package meet your expectations. Print them out and compare about three to five providers. See which ones are better. Ask others about VPS and what they also recommend. Before you jump into Virtual Private Servers, be certain you are getting the best package possible.

Bottom line, it also falls down to pricing. Which hosting company has more bang for your buck? Is it cost efficient? Is it all worth it? They might have the same features but one is a bit cheaper. Check the pricing and see which one is better for you.

Virtual Private Servers have plenty of possibilities for any particular user or business. The expandability and flexibility are pluses will benefit those who decide to go for it.


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