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How to Create an RSS Feed For Your Blog

By January 29, 2018 No Comments

Creating an RSS feed is one of the easiest and most popular things you can do for your Blog, to increase traffic and gain subscribers to the content and daily posts of your Blog. An RSS feed can increase your traffic and maybe earnings by double. Simple to create, easy to submit, feeds are one of the most powerful things you can do to make your blog or website more popular.

A few years ago, RSS feeds were only available for blogs. With the huge increase and demand for feeds, something had to be done. You can now create a feed for any website, simple and free. Dapper, is one website that will help you create a feed for your website, this can then be made into a widget and spread and be downloaded by anyone worldwide. Feedburner is probably one of the worlds best known feed burning sites, now owned by Google. Feedburner is very easy to use and you also get the advantage of having some great free extras like Feedburner stats pro. This is where you have the opportunity to track your visitors movement in your feed, what they were looming at and what they found most popular or useful. This can be helpful where as you can build more posts about this subject as you know people are finding it useful.

When you have created your RSS feed, you need to submit it to the hungry RSS feed submission websites. Some of the most popular are, Millionrss and SubmitmyRSS, these are high up on the Google rankings. Another reason to submit your feed is that top search engines like Google and Yahoo will use your feed as a way of seeing when your site has been updated, this is called Pinging and many sites. Pingomatic will tell lots of other search engines that your blog has been updated, this will help your search engines rankings, as the most active blogs climb higher and stay higher.

I'm sure you know that Google and Yahoo! rankings are one of the best ways of receiving targeted traffic. If your selling a product, targeted traffic is one of the most surefire ways of doing that.

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