Maximise the impact of your website

Maximise the impact of your website

A new year is upon us and with that brings a new lease of life and some enhancements to our Website Builder platform.

Whether you’re already savvy with Website Builder, or are a novice at the very beginning of your journey online, make sure you are making the most of the latest features and functionality included in our January update – mobile features, tablet layouts, widget creations and more!

With new options and functionality available and the freedom to be more creative than ever before, get ahead of the competition and ensure offer your customers a more engaging and appealing experience on your website.

So, what’s new?

Mobile header expandable menu

More than half of web traffic today comes from mobile, and the number is growing all the time. Now it’s time to increase conversions on your mobile sites with extensive new customization options in your mobile headers and expandable menus.

The new mobile header can be used in any website and increase conversions on your mobile sites through extensive customisation options, including expandable menus.

Buttons, social icons and store links can be placed on the header to boost activity and engagement and, with 20 new mobile header and expandable menu layouts now available to choose from, there has never been a better time to really give your site an edge over your competitors.

New tablet layout

Our Website Builder now has more editing possibilities than ever before, especially regarding your site layout on tablet devices. Widgets of any choice can be added to the header or expandable menu, and you can choose whether the sidebar enters from the left or right side of the screen, as well as any special effects to create greater impact.


Widget builder enhancements

Some functionality options can be added as HTML/CSS code in our HTML widget. However there is an option for more advanced functionality or customisation and in this case the widget builder is key! Here are some of examples of when you might want to use these for your business:

We are releasing a set of improvements to our Widget Builder which provide more options for building new widgets. In particular, new input fields can be used both in the Design and Content tabs, and options like conditional display and groups simplify the UI and make it much easier to incorporate your custom tailored widgets into the site.

Custom IDX/MLS Widget – DX is an acronym that stands for Internet Data Exchange, and it covers the policies, standards, and practices, making it most suited to estate agents looking to advertise their listings.

Custom live feed widgets – Keep communication lines between you and your customers open and transparent with live social media feeds that can be added to your site, with the added bonus of being able to customise the look and feel to match your brand style and personality.

CRM or similar platform integration – Custom widgets to turn visitor sign-ups and information captured via data forms into a friendly format that can be downloaded directly from the site and transformed through Salesforce integration.

Live chat widgets – Give your site visitors a quick and easy way to reach out and get in touch. Our live chat widget empowers your business to communicate directly, giving you an additional way to engage with your customers and build positive relationships and brand loyalty.

Widget design enhancements

Conditional display – This is a great enhancement which allows you to display content or design input fields, based on the value of another field.

New options in Content Editor – A new display option is now available, which enables you to wrap input fields in a container.

New options in Design Editor – The Design Editor has received a major update and now includes input fields, group fields, layout selection, colour picker, CSS slider, image design and the ability to add rounded corners to your site’s layout elements.

Additional field types – We have also taken the opportunity to expand the various ways website visitors can interact with your site when providing information or filling out a data capture form. You can now choose from dropdowns, toggles, checkboxes and radio buttons.

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Is Web Design still Good to Learn in 2018?

web design in 2018

Is Web Design still Good to Learn in 2018?

October 6, 2017

web design in 2018


I got this question from an enterprising young dude – I’ve edited it for brevity:

“I’ve been following your videos over the past month and I love the stuff you put out. You’ve also inspired me to get into web development.”

Thanks! And I am happy I could help.

“I’ve made a few WP sites with commercial themes, and also some small client sites with site builders. Now, I know those are drag’n’drop site builders and are super easy to create, no code needed. In fact, I did a website for a family member who owns a cleaning business (as my very first website), she went from having a very basic terrible looking WP site which she had paid a lot for a web agency to do. So I decided to whip up a nice looking site [with a site builder] that turned out nicely and quickly done.

With the rise in popularity of those drag’n’drop builders, especially for smaller businesses, do you think getting into WP development will be viable and worth getting into? Will there still be a demand for it in the near future?”

Yes. Drag and drop site builders do fill a particular niche, but a lot of companies out there will quickly outgrow them, and will need something more serious. That said, beyond just setting up the site, you can bring in other services and skills:

  • Setting up e-commerce
  • Setting up social
  • Setting up content marketing strategy
  • Custom design that doesn’t look like a template

Etc …

The field of web design and development (and WordPress) is still YUUGE …. and will be for years! But as usual, the actual things you do as a web designer, will change slowly with time. This is normal.

… Web design in the 1990’s was very different from what we did in 2001, as it is different today. But nonetheless, is is professional web design and development.

If you want to learn modern web design and development from a 20+ yr pro, check out my very popular web design course package.


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