Is Web Design still Good to Learn in 2018?

web design in 2018

Is Web Design still Good to Learn in 2018?

October 6, 2017

web design in 2018


I got this question from an enterprising young dude – I’ve edited it for brevity:

“I’ve been following your videos over the past month and I love the stuff you put out. You’ve also inspired me to get into web development.”

Thanks! And I am happy I could help.

“I’ve made a few WP sites with commercial themes, and also some small client sites with site builders. Now, I know those are drag’n’drop site builders and are super easy to create, no code needed. In fact, I did a website for a family member who owns a cleaning business (as my very first website), she went from having a very basic terrible looking WP site which she had paid a lot for a web agency to do. So I decided to whip up a nice looking site [with a site builder] that turned out nicely and quickly done.

With the rise in popularity of those drag’n’drop builders, especially for smaller businesses, do you think getting into WP development will be viable and worth getting into? Will there still be a demand for it in the near future?”

Yes. Drag and drop site builders do fill a particular niche, but a lot of companies out there will quickly outgrow them, and will need something more serious. That said, beyond just setting up the site, you can bring in other services and skills:

  • Setting up e-commerce
  • Setting up social
  • Setting up content marketing strategy
  • Custom design that doesn’t look like a template

Etc …

The field of web design and development (and WordPress) is still YUUGE …. and will be for years! But as usual, the actual things you do as a web designer, will change slowly with time. This is normal.

… Web design in the 1990’s was very different from what we did in 2001, as it is different today. But nonetheless, is is professional web design and development.

If you want to learn modern web design and development from a 20+ yr pro, check out my very popular web design course package.


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Teach your Students How to Build Websites

Teach your Students How to Build Websites

Teach your Students How to Build Websites

July 26, 2017

We are now entering the 7th year since StudioWeb first entered the classroom with our clear-cut, easy to use curriculum on web design.

We have helped many teachers and schools, make the coding languages of web design (HTML, CSS and JavaScript,) both fun and easy to learn.

We learn, to help you teach

It has taken a willingness to listen to teachers and students, visits to classrooms, and persistence to get StudioWeb to where it is today. With practically a 100% renewal rate, teachers of all web design skill levels, find our solid course curriculum and software, an invaluable teaching aid.

… In fact, having StudioWeb in the classroom is almost like having your own teacher’s assistant, who happens to be an expert at teaching web design!

There are about 100 elements that when combined, make StudioWeb’s courses so effective. But, after speaking with many teachers, I’d say the top features they mention are:

  1. Instant feedback in the quizzing and code challenges.
  2. Built-in powerful hinting – students can never get stuck.
  3. Accurate auto grading by course, chapter and even the lesson!

There is so much more that makes StudioWeb so effective (student projects, 360 optimized video lessons, realtime tracking) … but in the end, all that matters is that your students will learn how to write code, and build websites they can proudly show their friends and family.

… Nothing motivates students like seeing their work produce real results!

If you would like to learn more or try a demo, please feel free to visit


Stefan Mischook

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