The Way To Optimize Your Application for Google AdSense Account

I have noticed that, there are some frustrated applicants who have failed in getting the Google AdSense account lately. So I decide to write this article as to share and also to help the others to optimize their application for Google AdSense account approval. By providing this article, I hope it will increase their chances to successfully getting the Google AdSense account. Here are some tips for those who want to apply the Google AdSense account.

1. First of all, before you proceed to the applying for the AdSense account. You must have a Google email account. You can create your account at Google mail.

2. You must have your own original article(s). Please does not copy the article or used software like to articles spinner to make it your own. It is worth when you write it on your own words.

3. Before you can write an article or some articles, you must be familiar or understand of the issues you are writing. This is to make sure that your article(s) have some value that attracting the reader to read more.

4. In order to help the reader to be more cleared on something or issues you are writing. You may also include facts, figures to support your writing but please be sure that to state clearly where you are taken, and when you are accessed those articles. This will help users to be more confident on what you are writing and your point are more reliable.

I am not sure how many articles you must write but for initial step for applying Google AdSense account, my personal advice is make sure you write at least three to five articles on your own words.

1. When completing writing your articles, next step is you must have your own blog or website. You can use,,,, etc. you can search on Google to find free web blog or website service on the net. If you have fund, you may used paid service for your website. However for starting point, I am recommend you to used free services available on the net.

2. When you create your website or blog, please make sure your website followed the SEO rules. One of the most famous SEO is that you must select good “Keyword” for your websites, your site Title Tag. Also use those good keywords in your article content. Emphasize those keywords by using Bold or Strong HTML tag in your content. This will make easier for search engine to find your articles on the net. This will help you in indexing your website in their search engine directories.

3. When all done, you have the articles, you have website or blog, then put your articles in your website or blog. Remember to emphasize those keywords by using Bold or Strong HTML tag in your body content. Then submit your articles to the articles directories such as,, Hubs, Forums, Wikis, etc. By doing that you can create a link to your website or blog as well.

After all the above steps done, then go to the social media network such as Facebook, twitter, MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn, etc and promote your blog or web site there. Make sure that there are some traffics coming to your blogs or web site.

Then lastly proceed to apply Google AdSense Account.

Good Luck…

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3 Things That Must Be Considered Before Creating Your Blog

The great thing about having a blog is that you are free to write anything you want!

On the other hand, it would be better to produce content that is beneficial to your readers. Prior to building your blog, I will discuss three valuable tips for you to review.

In order to have a successful blog, it must be interesting and beneficial for your readers. If you are thinking about creating a blog for business use, then it is important for you to take three things into consideration.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Before you decide to make your blog live for the world to see, it is best to clearly define your target audience.

There are many new business owners who market to the wrong crowd. As a result, the majority of the leads they do acquire are of low quality. They did not take the time to define who will benefit the most with their product or service. They do not specify their target market.

You don’t want to go down that same road, because your time is precious while building your business.

If you have not already done so, define your ideal prospect. You do not want the products or services of your business to be offered to all people. It will be so much easier for you to create products and services around your niche target market.

As an entrepreneur, you should regularly research and understand the wants, needs, and spending habits of your ideal prospect. The more data that is gathered from your target market, the better you will understand what they expect from you. Your products and services should be developed around the research that was conducted on your target market.

Even though your blog content is aimed for business purposes, it is generally personal to you. It is crucial to make sure your blog content is about your readers. Your blog must include content that is geared towards the interests of your target audience.

After all, most people who write blogs are not confined to their own personal motives.

Most writers of blogs would love to be “heard” and would love to be known, in some way or another, even if it is just for a minute.

Hence, it is very important to create content that everyone in your target audience will understand. Not necessarily that these people can relate to the content, but they can understand it.

Display Attractive Images for Search Engine Optimization

Visually appealing images draw visitors to read and to explore the content in your blog.

To make your blogging worth the browsing effort of your readers, it would be extremely useful to include images.

It does not necessarily mean you have to place a picture of yourself; however, your professional photo is great for your bio page.

Any images will do, as long as it does not pose danger or insult to anyone who will be reading your blog. That is the last thing you will need to deal with on your blogging venture.

Labeling the Alt Text and Tagging Images

Many people search images on the internet. It will be a bonus for them to click on yours, so they will be lead to your blog.

It is wise to label the alt text on the images in your blog, because your images will get indexed for any image searches with the major search engines.

When you properly tag your images, it actually leads to indexing all posts associated with the word that was tagged on your images. This gives your readers the ability to read other blog posts that are related to the tagged images.

Tagging your images is another way to generate readers to your blog via the image searches with the major search engines.

Now you know how images will increase the overall value of the content you are producing on your blog.

Avoid Creating a Complicated Blog

You are the only person who can make your blog unique. The content of your blog should emulate your personality. Never be afraid to share who you are and what you stand for in life.

Most people who use the Internet usually do more scanning than scrutinizing each website they come across. If they do, then they are not worthy of your time. You will have plenty of people who will love to know more about you and your expertise.

In order to have an interesting blogs, it is not necessary to use highly technical and pretentious words. After all, your blog is not a debate or an academic discourse.

It is not recommended for you to require your visitors to register for your blog to comment or to require log-ins. This makes interacting with your content complicated and very time consuming. People are turned off by this and will not want to interact with a blog of this nature.

Your readers would love to interact with you.

Let them!

This will keep them coming back for more.

The three valuable blogging tips above should help you with designing a blog that will not only attract the audience that you want, but will be beneficial to your target audience.

Stay tuned for more marketing and business building advice to help you build a strong foundation for your growing business.

Do you have any marketing tips and would like to share with other members of the Woman in Leadership community?

Speak your mind and post your feedback in the section below to post your comment.

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How To Create Your Own Web Site

WWW-The world wide web what does it mean? One MASSIVE opportunity

For a long time I wanted to sell products on line via my own home based business. However, like many people I did not know where to start. Occasionally I signed up to an on line tutorial which became a spring board for me to be able to:

• Create websites
• Add pages
• Link to other pages
• Design & publish my site

I can now create a web site for anything anytime!

So lets take a realistic look at creating your own web site

FANTASTIC INCOMES can be made – BUT and it is a BIG BUT with any business you have to put the hard work in first.

Establishing an internet business is a SLOW PROCESS

NOT everyone will succeed


• Possessing the right attitude
• Having a web site
• Having a product to market
• Knowing how to market your product
• Having an understanding of the whole process

So lets summarize the above content, to succeed online you need to understand the whole process of building your own website, once you understand the whole process you will succeed online, when I first started trying to even understand the process of making money online it was very frustrating for me.

People fail making money online because they do not understand the process and if people do not put the effort into understanding the process they will always fail.

There are three keywords to success online: EDUCATION, UNDERSTAND, IMPLEMENT.

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Blog – Create a Creative Portfolio Blog to Get Jobs

Are you a creative? Writers, designers, photographers, film makers and other creative workers can quickly develop a paying audience for their work, and can get jobs too, using a blog. Your blog is a hub for all your marketing activities.

Before you start blogging however, you need to plan to ensure that your audience finds you. Let's look at four steps to creating a high-traffic blog which will get you all the creative jobs you want.

1. Targeting: Who's Your Audience?

Start by defining your audience. Who will hire you? Think about your audience's needs.

If you're new to this kind of thinking, visit the outsourcing sites. Buyers post projects on these sites, looking for bidders. Which projects could you complete? Assessing the projects will help you to target an audience.

For example, if you're a designer, you may decide that your audience is advertising companies, or graphics design agencies. You could even decide to target small businesses directly.

Take your time thinking about your audience. Make notes. The more you know about your buyers, the more jobs you'll get.

2. Keywords: Use the Words Buyers Would Use to Find You

Now you know who your audience is, it's time to find a list of keywords that they would use, when they're looking for someone to provide the services they need.

For example, if you're a writer, and you're targeting buyers of Web content, go to a keyword tool, and enter "Web writer" into the query field. Think like a buyer, and copy all the words which apply – "website writer, freelance writer", etc.

Use these words on your blog's posts.

3. What's in It for Me? Create Your Blog from the Point of View of Your Buyers

Again, remembering your buyers, and the information they need to hire you, create a list of items you could blog about.

4. Choose a Blog Platform

There are dozens of blogging applications you could use. However, choose one which lets you get up and running quickly. Do not dither. Choose. You can always switch to another platform later, just pick one.

If you're completely new to blogging, choose Blogger. Google's tool is simple to use, and efficient.

5. Create Your Blog's Content

Finally, it's time to create your blog's content. Keep step # 3 in mind – write your content from the point of view of your buyers. Include the information they want and need to hire you.

So, you now have five steps to creating a creative portfolio blog which will help you to get jobs now, and for years to come.

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Anyone Can Create a Blog and Create Website Traffic With WordPress

Starting your own blog does not have to be as intimidating as you think. Like many types of new marketing (email, social media, et al), it's easy to feel like you're the only one who's not blogging. But with a little help, you'll soon find yourself up and running and giving others some advice.

I've had a great experience with WordPress and setting up my blog / website. I've done Marketing for years but had no web programming experience (unless you consider making copy bold and underlined). In the past I've always leaned on my team of experienced web gurus. But when I started poking around and doing some research, I found that it's not all that difficult.

Without you're a web designer, creating your own blog means you have to do a lot of reading to figure out all these new functions. Try this Forum section on WordPress, there's lots of info on how to get started, go to WordPress and it's under "support."

I also recommend going to YouTube. I'm a visual person so I like to "see" how things are done. They have a lot of video tutorials that show you how to do different things. Just type WordPress in the search field.

I created my own site / blog on WordPress within a day or two and have been able to add plug-ins that add forms, get traffic stats, help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and much more. I've had a few issues adding photos but I'm about to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress (2.7) to see if it helps.

You'll want the name of your company in the title and on an "About" page. You can create static pages, to let people know about your company, products, services, etc. Then use blog posts or articles to discuss things that are of interest to people who may buy your product / service.

As far as optimizing your site for search engines, you'll want to look at some of the plug-ins available to help you with optimizing and measuring traffic. I recommend All-in-One SEO and Google XML Sitemaps. These will make your site easier to search for the search engines. Also add plug-ins like AddThis Social Bookmarks, to encourage visitors to bookmark your site and make it easier for them to come back and visit if they like what they see.

For content you do not needlessly need to have your company name mentioned over and over to help increase traffic, unless your company name is so well known that thousands of people will be searching for it. You want to make sure you include relevant keywords that your potential customers will search for.

Also try a plug-in called WordPress Stats. It will allow you to see how much traffic you are getting. Occasionally you will want to set up Google Analytics to see where traffic is coming from and which keywords are most popular.

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How to Create an RSS Feed For Your Blog

Creating an RSS feed is one of the easiest and most popular things you can do for your Blog, to increase traffic and gain subscribers to the content and daily posts of your Blog. An RSS feed can increase your traffic and maybe earnings by double. Simple to create, easy to submit, feeds are one of the most powerful things you can do to make your blog or website more popular.

A few years ago, RSS feeds were only available for blogs. With the huge increase and demand for feeds, something had to be done. You can now create a feed for any website, simple and free. Dapper, is one website that will help you create a feed for your website, this can then be made into a widget and spread and be downloaded by anyone worldwide. Feedburner is probably one of the worlds best known feed burning sites, now owned by Google. Feedburner is very easy to use and you also get the advantage of having some great free extras like Feedburner stats pro. This is where you have the opportunity to track your visitors movement in your feed, what they were looming at and what they found most popular or useful. This can be helpful where as you can build more posts about this subject as you know people are finding it useful.

When you have created your RSS feed, you need to submit it to the hungry RSS feed submission websites. Some of the most popular are, Millionrss and SubmitmyRSS, these are high up on the Google rankings. Another reason to submit your feed is that top search engines like Google and Yahoo will use your feed as a way of seeing when your site has been updated, this is called Pinging and many sites. Pingomatic will tell lots of other search engines that your blog has been updated, this will help your search engines rankings, as the most active blogs climb higher and stay higher.

I'm sure you know that Google and Yahoo! rankings are one of the best ways of receiving targeted traffic. If your selling a product, targeted traffic is one of the most surefire ways of doing that.

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4 Steps to Create a New Blog in SharePoint 2013

A collaboration environment, SharePoint 2013 provides companies of any size to boost their business process efficiency. SharePoint 2013 websites offer safe environments to administrators, so that they are able to adjust the environment and provide employees or business partners with access to important information and documents. If you want to use SharePoint 2013 to create a new blog, you can do it very fast. It is easy to create a blog in this platform with some basic tips in mind. These tips will help you to create a blog in a structured way.

Consider the basics

You have log into your SharePoint 2013 account, find out the ‘Site Contents’ section in the Quick Launch bar and click on it. You can click over ‘New Subsite’ to begin setting up the new blog. Enter all the important fields, such as Title or the Blog Name, Description about the blog, the custom blog homepage URL, the preferred language of the blog from the drop-down menu and the predefined template to be used in the blog.

Set permissions for content and users

Do you plan to apply the same permissions for content and users as the parent website to your blog? If you do, you should click over the radio button titled “Use same permissions as parent site”. Alternately, if you want to set a varied set of permissions for your blog, you should choose the option “Use unique permissions” and the move ahead from that point.

Set up quick access options

If you wish to have your blog in the Quick Launch bar as well as the link bar located at the upper section of the parent website, you should choose “Yes” in the appropriate options. You can choose “No” otherwise. If you would like to have your blog having the same type of top link bar as your parent website, you should move to the suitable option and choose “Yes”. You should otherwise choose “No” to provide a unique link bar to your blog.

Create your blog

After you have set up all the necessary settings, click on the button “Create” and you will get your new blog ready. You can tweak the settings that you do not like. After you have finished the creation, begin to post new content. Or you may ask users with appropriate permissions to work on the content. That is all that there is to create your new blog in SharePoint 2013. You will be able to use the subsite or blog as a platform where you can posts news about the company, post organizational policy changes or about anything you would want to share with your team across the company.

Keep in mind that you have to create an editorial team to manage all the content that goes into your blog. You should make sure that all the information is properly edited and checked before posting. Wrong or unchecked information can spell bad news for your business image. Provide only a handful of reliable writers with access to edit your SharePoint blog.

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How to Create an Interesting Blog

You have decided that you want to enter the blogosphere but you do not know where to start. Fear not, because we are here to help you out. This article will be geared to non-professionals and those who do not understand how to build a website from scratch. After reading this, you will know how to create a blog for yourself.

Starting out, if you are writing a personal blog or just getting started it is recommended that you use a free service like wordpress or blogspot. Both have great interfaces that make designing your blog as simple as point and click. They are also free, so you can get your message out there without having to pay for a domain name or hosting expenses.

Now, what is your blog going to be about? Is this going to be an online journal that covers the minutiae of your daily life or are you going to part some wisdom that you have gained on a specific topic? You can do both, but I would recommend creating separate blogs for each topic. Targeting the content of a blog to a specific topic will help you in two ways: 1) your readers will know what to expect when they visit your page 2) the ads placed on your page will be relevant.

Having decided what you want to write about, make sure you have enough content. Choose a topic that allows for a lot of room to write about. For example, if you are going to write a dog care blog, keep it general so that you can jump around from high-grade foods to grooming. If you specialize in either of those sub-topics you may find that you run out of material.

Write what you know. People are great at seeing through fake writers. It becomes very obvious when you are reading someone who actually knows what they are talking about. You do not need a PhD, but it certainly helps if you know your subject and enjoy writing about it.

Which brings us to our final point – have fun! A blog is not a job, at least until you get syndicated. Have fun with it. Play with your audience, encourage them to provide comments. The beautiful thing about blogging is that unlike most other writing, it provides near instant feedback. Do not think too much about the how to when you create your blog, focus on the content; the rest will follow.

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Explosive Traffic – How to Generate Traffic to Your Website or Blog

What can you do right now to create a traffic jam at your website? Well, let's see … You can sit there and stare at the computer wishing it will happen, or you can pay someone to send you traffic, or you can put your fingers to work steering traffic to your website.

1. Create an Aura

You know how the Hollywood Lights lift up the clouds and mark the spot of the next big movie release? Well, you want that kind of aura to surround your website. Give it a highly-visible domain name and be seen on Google, but more importantly than that, give it Internet Presence.

* Links back to your website make the site more prominent on Google.

* Search engine Optimization increases visibility on Google.

* Traffic to your site increases visibility on Google.

2. Develop a Mindset

STOP checking the traffic, just simply know that people are going to your website in droves. When you start checking traffic for a reason, your mindset will have changed and your traffic will have increased. Here are a few reasons to monitor traffic.

* Check to see where the links come from.

* Check to see how often links are followed from specific sites.

* Check to see which traffic sources work best.

3. Build Content

Website Content is not necessarily on your website. Article Marketing is all about putting CONTENT on the web that drives traffic to your site. Some will be on your website, but more will be on other sites leading and directing traffic back to your site to create that traffic jam you're looking to experience.

* High Quality Titles Draw Traffic

* Power Charged Information Gets Read.

* Compelling Resource Boxes Demand Clicks

"You do not have to be Great to START, but you have to Start to be GREAT!" according to a famous article marketer.

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How to Create Blog Posts to Make Money With the Internet

When it comes to blogging, your number one commitment should be getting well out content all the time. This may not seem very achievable for some but it should definitely be a goal and something to work towards. So how can you write write posts constantly so that you can make money on the internet?

What Do You Love?

There are so many different ways that you can try to come up with new content, but before you sit down and try a few, remember that the most important thing you can do is write what you are passionate about. If you are trying to start a blog about tennis but you really know nothing about it, your readers will know. Always stick to what you love.

If you love it then your posts will show how passionate you are about the topic. When you are that involved with a topic, you soon become an expert on the topic because you enjoy learning and growing more in that niche. That is ideal for you so that you can constantly be giving your readers new stuff to read.

Coming Up With New Ideas

Now that you have decided that you will only write about things that you love, you have to focus on coming up with new and original topics. These can be hard for some people, especially if their niche just is not broad enough. But there are a few things that you can do to help get some good ideas.

One idea that you could try is to carry a notepad and pen with you everywhere. That way when good ideas come to mind, you can just jot them down. The reasoning behind this is that some of your best ideas will come from just normal, every day activities. You could also put a poll or questionnaire on your site asking your readers for suggestions.

Try Being Creative With your Writing

After you have written each post, you will want to read through them and see what parts you can change and what parts you can make better. The tone of the post can really be an important factor into whether or not your readers will continue reading. Try to have a friendly tone, as though you were writing an e-mail to a friend or family member.

You can also try to be unique but not just sitting down and writing the same types of posts over and over, but trying new stuff like your top ten lists of favorites or posts with just questions. Guest posting is another great way to give yourself a break from writing but still keep your blog fresh with new stuff.

These are just a few things to think about when you are writing your blog posts. Always try to be original and come up with new ideas and see where they take you. The possibilities are endless if you just do your part and work hard to make your blog original.

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