Top Benefits of BlueHost Web Hosting

Affordability combined with quality is the hallmark of Bluehost webhosting company. For more than 16 years now, the company has maintained its policy of affordable and top quality webhosting. It simply means you can host your websites on this webhosting platform at a very small rate. And, you can further spend less by using Bluehost promotion $3.95 per month. This discount hosting gives you access to all features and solutions that guarantee rewarding hosting experience.

1. Webhosting Service Trusted By Millions of Users

One of the things you should look out in a webhosting company is the number of people hosting their websites on such platform. It is evidence that more or less people are satisfied with the quality of webhosting on that platform. BlueHost is trusted by millions of webmasters, thus millions of domains are being hosted by BlueHost, plus over 20,000 new users signing up with Bluehost month after month. The company is rated among the top 20 largest webhosts.

2. Affordability and Quality

While you can get tons webhosts offering low-cost webhosting, only a few of them can keep touch with quality. Bluehost offers affordable webhosting without diminishing the quality hosting they’ve been known with for more than 16 years. So, the same top quality hosting you would get subscribing with the full hosting price is the same quality webhosting available to those who will sign up with Bluehost promotion $3.95 per month. Bluehost’s independent server centers and world-class technology is what guarantees quality hosting on this platform.

3. Meaningful Savings

One of the most significant benefits of opting for discounted webhosting is savings. You can save more than half of the original hosting price per month by taking advantage of Bluehost promotion offer. So, instead of paying $6.95 per month, you will only pay $3.95, which ultimately sums up to significant savings for a year plan or longer hosting duration. You can plough back the extra $$$ to your business and ultimately reduce business operation cost while increasing the rate of profitability.

4. Complete Hosting Solution

If you take a quick tour to and click on hosting features, you will be presented with extensive line of hosting solutions and features. You will not miss out on any of those features even if you are paying only a fraction of the original hosting price. These features guarantee rewarding hosting experience and would include E-commerce Solutions, Multimedia Features, World-Class Technology and more.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for BlueHost Promotion $3.95 Per Month?

There is no special standard for Bluehost promotion eligibility. If you are looking for opportunity to host your business online for the first time, you are already eligible for Bluehost hosting promotional offer. Also, individuals who want to host websites other than business sites are also qualified to benefit from the promo. You are also eligible for this promo if you want to transfer your website from the present hosting platform to Bluehost. The only people who do not qualify for Bluhost promotion discount are existing users on the platform.

Is the Promotion Offer a Coupon Code or Special Link?

Bluehost promotion $3.95 per month is available in form of a special link. Once you log on to an affiliate website or directly to Bluehost official website, you are just one click away from activating and using the promo offer. Simply click on the link once and wait for few seconds to be redirected to Bluehost official website from an affiliate site. You will be prompted to sign up, with options for new comers and users who are transferring their websites to Bluehost. Follow the easy step-by-step procedure and complete the process.

How Would You Know If the Promotion Coupon is Activated?

Bluehost promotion coupon offer will reflect in your overall total purchase. For instance, if you are subscribing for one year plan, your billing will show a total purchase of $47.4 instead of $83.4 (the original hosting price). If it is not so, contact the customer service instantly to find out why it wasn’t so. It could be that you subscribed when the promo offer period has expired. If that is the case, your billing will definitely reflect the original hosting price. This is why you should take advantage of the promo offer immediately, since the offer has a Limited Period.

So, What Next?

Bluehost will set up your website instantly as soon as the Bluehost promotion $3.95 per month activation process is completed. Henceforth, you will start enjoying unlimited quality webhosting.

Remember, you can opt out of the platform if you are not satisfied with the quality of service since the company guarantees Anytime Money-Back Guarantee Policy.


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A Brief Review About BlueHost Web Hosting

Perhaps you are just getting started on web hosting or simply want to change your web host. In both cases, it can be a daunting task trying to pick the best web hosting provider since there are tons of them currently. One of the best ways to make a quick decision about which web host to go for is to consider two factors – affordability and quality. You definitely want to pay less on web hosting without getting low quality in return.

BlueHost is one of the top web hosting companies that combine affordability with high quality. And, their hosting fee even gets lower with BlueHost Discount $3.95 Per Month, plus the tons of unlimited and general hosting features to enjoy. So, if affordability and top quality web hosting service is your target, you would want to consider BlueHost.

This review presents you with some of the numerous Bluehost web hosting features that you can take advantage of, even if you are leveraging the discount promo price 3.95 Per Month.

Explore the following BlueHost web hosting features;

BlueHost Site Backup

If you decide to subscribe to BlueHost web hosting activities, one of the highly essential features you can take advantage of is the Site Backup tool. You definitely want to be guaranteed of the safety of your data. Sometimes, one may lose valuable data over the internet in quick succession due to sudden technical issues. However, if you are using the services of a reliable web hosting provider, the safety of your data is consistently guaranteed.

Some of the factors that may facilitate loss of data online include hacking, power outages, failed IT systems as well as virus invasion. In fact, you may even delete your important data accidentally which would ultimately result in data loss. For several companies, the last resort for data protection/recovery is a tape drive or some not-so-reliable backup devices. If such devices fail to function, a webmaster may never recover essential data again. However, if you step up in your choice of web hosting company, you would be lucky to leverage sophisticated site backup tools such as the one that BlueHost offers. Subsequently, you can go to sleep without worries about the safety of your essential online data.

BlueHost Web File Manager

Having a high-grade control panel is something that any webmaster should look out for when trying to select a web hosting company. A web host that places a sophisticated control panel in the frontline makes hosting account easily accessible and manageable for the users. Consequently, users can easily administer and control their websites, especially in the aspect of web file uploading.

The control panel that comes with Bluehost web hosting features an intuitive and easy-to-use File Manager. This tool is essentially important as it facilitates the uploading of any file format to a webmaster’s account, including the management of such files. In addition to aiding files uploading, Bluehost’s control panel is also very helpful for editing and downloading. It can also be very useful for files renaming.

MySQL Database from BlueHost

Any webmaster desiring to leverage the most innovative database management system (DBMS) can make the dream come true by taking advantage of BlueHost’s latest MySQL Database Server, even at a discounted rate of 3.95 Per Month. This sophisticated web hosting feature is fast and reliable, making it a popular choice for webmasters all over the world. It is a multi-user DBMS that comes with several threads as well as optimum performance.

BlueHosts MYSQL is an open source system, thus making it popular among webmasters. Being an open source system makes this tool easy to acquire and use. And, if you are subscribed to a reliable web hosting platform, you will enjoy the full benefits of this tool. This tool works on wide range of operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Unix. Since it is a high-speed and highly secured option, it works best for wide arrays of online-based applications. MySQL database management tool is adapted to handle massive data, which it achieves at high speeds in order to beat certain technical problems.

BlueHost FTP Access

FTP access is one of BlueHost’s web hosting features you can take advantage of even if you are paying only half of the original cost. The FTP tool enables users access to the network, so that they can exchange files securely over the web, including larger files that do not work with conventional email file attachment. The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol. Most of the web hosting companies provide FTP access but BlueHost appears to stand out with its user-friendly FTP tool. In essence, even a newbie can get a grasp of the tool easily.


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Bluehost Coupon – Frequently Asked Questions

Bluehost Coupon $3.95 Per Month

Bluehost offers innovative cloud-hosting and general web hosting solutions to millions of websites on their platform. Since over one decade, the company has consistently ranked among the top web hosting companies. The best part is that Bluehost offers lower price on its web hosting solution without in any form diminishing their web hosting quality. This is not a surprise since the company’s single goal right from its inception is to “Make a better hosting company” and offer the best possible hosting solution at lower cost. One of its efforts in ensuring affordable web hosting is the Bluehost coupon $3.95 per month which the company offers regularly to further help users save ‘big’ on web hosting.

Bluehost is built on open source technology and is currently among the world’s largest cloud-based online solutions providers. The company’s headquarters is at Utah, beneath the Wasatch Mountains. Bluehost has its own data center at Utah, which guarantees top quality hosting services such as 99.9% uptime, top-notch hosting technologies, unparallel technical support and more.

Q: What Type of Coupon is the Bluehost $3.95 Per Month?

The coupon is a link which you can click in order to apply it to your Bluehost web hosting purchase. Unlike other web hosting coupons that come in form of code, Bluehost $3.95 coupon comes in form of a link which you can click on to kick-start your web hosting registration process and apply the coupon subsequently. Therefore, when you set out to find the $3.95 Bluehost coupon, do not look out for a code, keep an eye on a Bluehost coupon link. The link simply exists in this form; “Bluehost $3.95 Per Month”. Once you click on the link, you will kick start the coupon activation process.

Q: What is the Process Involved in Using the Coupon?

The Bluehost coupon $3.95 per month is the easiest to use. You don’t have to scout the web looking for a code and going through the daunting task of verifying whether or not the code is valid. Bluehost is just a simple link you can click on to activate. This is a typical sample of the coupon to look out for “Bluehost $3.95 Per Month”.

Once you locate this link from an affiliate site, here are the steps involved to activate and apply the coupon;

Step 1: Click on the link: Clicking on this link from an affiliate site will take you directly to Bluehost official website.

Step 2: On Bluehost homepage, click on the “Get started now” pointer below the Bluehost $3.95 coupon discount ad.

Step 3: Enter your new or old domain name and click on sign up, this will bring you to the next page where you will input your personal and other details.

The Bluehost coupon $3.95 per month will be applied to your total web hosting purchase cost as soon as you complete the signing up process. So, to confirm if the coupon was applied, use the coupon discount price to multiply your web hosting duration plan (12 months, 24 months, or 36 months ) and compare the result with the total purchase price on your invoice.

Q: Is the Bluehost $3.95 Per Month for Every One?

Sure, as long as you have something doing online and would want to use a website to showcase your business or other information online, the Bluehost $3.95 Per Month will benefit you greatly. In essence, whether as an individual, business owner or an e-commerce marketer, you can use the coupon to save up to 75% on web hosting.

Q: Can I Use the Bluehost $3.95 Per Month to Transfer My Domain?

Yes! Bluehost 75% OFF is not just applicable to people signing up for a web hosting account for the first time. If you are looking for a better quality hosting solution and would want to minimize constant downtime from a previous web hosting platform, the Bluehost $3.95 Per Month is completely available to you. And, Bluehost will not request for any additional fee to transfer your domain to their platform, plus the transfer is super-fast, safe and has no hidden fee attached.

Bluehost is on the top list of best web hosting companies. As a result, you will be satisfied hosting your website on this platform. But, you can only take advantage of Bluehost $3.95 Per Month while the offer lasts.

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Benefits Of Cloud Hosting with Bluehost

It has been a buzz on the internet. Everyone is talking about it. Yet no one seems to really know what it is really about. But we do: Cloud Hosting with Bluehost.

What is Cloud Hosting

The use of the word “Cloud” is a metaphor. Remember how we use to say that “it is all in the clouds” or, basically, it is somewhere? Well, that is something similar. In technology terms, being “in the clouds” means that all you data are stored in a computer somewhere. Once you have all your digital things in a Cloud Hosting environment, they can be accessed anywhere and anytime. These files include your photos, music, videos, emails, and documents. Having your stuff in Cloud Hosting means also that you can access your applications or software anytime. That computer is called a server, which contains an enormous amount of space and can process information in the fastest possible speed.

The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

In the olden days of computing, we carried all our computer-related stuff in magnetic tapes or in floppy drives. Then came the compact discs and thumb drives. With Cloud Hosting, you only need to have an internet connection and all your photos, documents, music, and other digital items are available for access and use.

A major benefit of Cloud Hosting is convenience. No hard drives to carry around. No thumb drives to plug in. Just a few clicks of a mouse and you can start doing work.

Most companies today also offer Cloud Hosting application services such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. This means that you do not need to purchase very expensive software or let these programs fill in your hard drive. Just sign up and you can have a virtual office right on your laptop even though these programs are not installed in your computer. Some even have the ability to create a virtual workgroup where you can share these documents and communicate. This is very handy for project management settings.

Whether it be Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari and a host of others, all you need to access these products and services is your favorite browser. Thus, opening up the possibilities to use Cloud Hosting using a desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, and mobile phone.

Because of the upward trend of Cloud Hosting, many hosting companies are jumping in the bandwagon and are offering may Cloud Hosting packages. Each package has a specific type of space allocation and other very impressive features. Of course, there are also those who offer them for free such as Google. It all depends on how your needs will be met by these service providers.

The hill you need to overcome:

Of course, one may have a difficult time at first especially if you are used to having printed documents around or having files and documents in physical storages like thumb drives and hard drives. It may be hard to imagine that everything is digitally stored somewhere out there. You may even find it unsafe since these files can be important and even classified. That is why you need to make sure that you get a hosting company that can provide not just the enormous hard drive space but also the toughest security possible.

And there is that one factor that makes a world of difference – your internet connection. Should you be going for Cloud Hosting, you need to make sure that you have a very fast internet connection. Downloading files and accessing applications in the cloud will lag if you have turtle-speed internet. Also, should you be doing mobile cloud applications, you need to be aware of wireless internet or 3G wifi availability. Or else, all your data and apps are stuck in the clouds.

And since Cloud Hosting is a developing technology, you also have to weigh things altogether. It is a risk that you may not want to take at the moment. But before you do take the plunge, be sure to study the facts and investigate your cloud hosting provider. Ask questions. Get good reviews. Make sure you get all the facts before you make a decision.

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7 Simple SEO Techniques To Build A Website

Here in this article I am listing SIMPLE SEO TECHNIQUES TO BUILD A WEBSITE to give an idea how to make your Website noticeable to Google by enhancing its credibility and thus leading to a remarkable SEO.

Follow these SIMPLE SEO TECHNIQUES TO BUILD A WEBSITE and you will surely get a good SEO


Choosing effective and proper keyword is very necessary for the SEO, this choice should be made very smartly if you want your website to do some great business. You can focus on below techniques to increase the keyword effectiveness: You should search for the trending keywords and try to put those in action. For Instance, Keywords related to Health, Insurance etc.

etc. In your article the Keyword Density should be as much as possible. The reader should always have in mind what he is reading.

should be as much as possible. The reader should always have in mind what he is reading. The keyword should appear in the URL of the page.


Readability is also an important factor for the SEO, your content should have a good Readability Quotient. It should be easy to read and understand.

There is something called Flesch Reading Ease provided by Yoast SEO Metabox. This score defines the ease of reading the content. It gives a score out of 100. The lower the score the most difficult the text is. The Flesch readability score uses the sentence length and the number of syllables per word in an equation to calculate the reading ease.

The amount of words following each of the subheadings doesn’t exceed the recommended maximum of 300 words.

Paragraph should not be much longer.

Too much passive voice sentences should not be used in the content. It is not recommended while ranking the readability factor of the sentences.


Website Speed is also considered as a major SEO factor, the speed of the website should be fast for good SEO ranking as Google started considering the speed in its analysis. Well..!! It is a fact No One like slow websites. You can try the following techniques to enhance the Website Speed: Optimize and Compress the images. There are number of Applications available to optimize the images by resizing and by zipping.

the images. There are number of Applications available to optimize the images by resizing and by zipping. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to test your website speed. It will give you the idea about the speed of your website on the phone as well as on PC.

to test your website speed. It will give you the idea about the speed of your website on the phone as well as on PC. You can use Pingdom to see how fast your website is before and after making the changes.


Text Structure also plays a key role in SEO, the text structure or Skeleton of your content should such that the reader may grasp the main idea of your content easily.

Follow the below given techniques for better text structure:

Think before you start writing. Prepare a rough flow chart of your content. Prepare the skeleton of your text and keep that in mind and stick to it till the end while writing your content.

Make a list of all the topics that are necessary to write your content and bundle them up.

Arrange all the topics in most suitable order depending on the demand of your content (Thematic or Chronological etc.).

Paragraph creation is also very important. One should not create a long paragraph. For SEO purpose paragraph should be lesser then 5 or 6 sentences.

Headings are also very important for SEO purpose, Google uses headings to determine the topic of the content on your website. Readers also decide by your headings whether they should read your content or not. Thus makes heading a very important criteria.


It is very important to keep you website updated. Google continuously search for the new contents and if not found then Google will also stops paying attention to your website and I don’t think anybody want that. Keep posting new contents regularly especially the topics that are trending and people are interested in reading.

You can also update the old contents also to improve the readability.

You can also add some new links, Images etc. It will work.


Simply Put, Interlinking is nothing but putting the hyperlink on your web page that will connect to some other Web Page on the same website. It will help in better navigation between the different pages of your website.

That will help in increasing the readability and makes navigation easy.

It will help user to search and read the relevant topics of his interest.


All efforts in maintaining a good SEO will go in vain if you don’t promote your website effectively. Promotion is necessary to take your content to your viewers by any means possible Use social networking like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc. Use other means like Emails, Newsletters, blogs etc.

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Best Features Of BlueHost Web Hosting

BlueHost is one of the most reliable and best web hosting provider there is in the world of web hosting. It is no doubt that they have been providing long-term services to customers at a price to irresistible for you to ignore. It not only provide you with the latest technologies, but also gives you committed, unparalleled web hosting solution not found in most web hosting providers.

Features of BlueHost Web Hosting

Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth . Get your blog/website up and running for years without worrying if you exceed their limit.

1. Get your blog/website up and running for years without worrying if you exceed their limit. Host Unlimited Domains under 1 Account . This is probably one of the best feature of BlueHost. You will only need 1 account for all of your websites because BlueHost permits you to host any number of websites. Saves you money in getting 3 separate accounts for 3 of your websites.

2. This is probably one of the best feature of BlueHost. You will only need 1 account for all of your websites because BlueHost permits you to host any number of websites. Saves you money in getting 3 separate accounts for 3 of your websites. Reliable Service . Expect you will get the most reliable service you can have even at their lowest priced web hosting solution. They have excellent customer support, easy-to-use control panel; just a few clicks are needed to setup and maintain your website, and a 99.99% uptime, which means you will barely notice if BlueHost went offline.

3. Expect you will get the most reliable service you can have even at their lowest priced web hosting solution. They have excellent customer support, easy-to-use control panel; just a few clicks are needed to setup and maintain your website, and a 99.99% uptime, which means you will barely notice if BlueHost went offline. Money-Back Guarantee. What is your expectation with BlueHost’s money-back guarantee? 30 days? 60 days? 3 years? Well actually, BlueHost is very confident about their service that they gave the customers freedom to leave Bluehost anytime they want to. Bluehost gives you anytime money back guarantee! If you feel you don’t want to use their service anymore, notify BlueHost about it to get 100% of your money.

What is your expectation with BlueHost’s money-back guarantee? 30 days? 60 days? 3 years? Well actually, BlueHost is very confident about their service that they gave the customers freedom to leave Bluehost anytime they want to. Bluehost gives you anytime money back guarantee! If you feel you don’t want to use their service anymore, notify BlueHost about it to get 100% of your money. BlueHost Coupon code . Another unique feature of Bluehost are the number of promotions they offer. With bluehost coupon codes, you can get discounts of up to 40% in any of their web hosting solutions. Hurry and get your BlueHost coupon codes today before it expires.

4. Another unique feature of Bluehost are the number of promotions they offer. With bluehost coupon codes, you can get discounts of up to 40% in any of their web hosting solutions. Hurry and get your BlueHost coupon codes today before it expires. Price – Their BlueHost basic plan, recommended for personal blogs and small websites cost $6.95 per month. But if you avail a BlueHost coupon code, you can avail a lower price. Currently the website slashed $6.95 and make it $3.95 per month if you subscribe today.

Where to get BlueHost Coupon codes?

Get the best BlueHost Coupon code here. BlueHost coupon codes are legit. Although you can check for the legitimacy of the coupon code when you sign up in BlueHost. They will not let you download any application. It is a coupon code not a software so a simple text code is only required for BlueHost coupon code. It does not sell coupon codes. Coupon codes are offered for free by BlueHost, don’t buy BlueHost coupon codes.

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Why Choose Bluehost? Here Are the Top 5 Reasons to Choose It

Bluehost has been the best web hosting company that provides awesome services to their clients and customers. Not only is it the best shared hosting provider, but it also is the oldest one in the market and still is going strong, all because of providing what the customers were looking for.

You might be looking for a proper web host to install your blog on, and you might have stumbled upon a lot of them. The top web hosting companies provide a lot of options to their customers but still Bluehost beats them all with its features and services. There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers and webmasters who promote their services and recommends Bluehost to everyone looking for a stable host. Even has considered it to be the best hosting for WordPress blogs since 2005.

So what makes Bluehost the favorite of everyone? Why do everyone suggest you to choose Bluehost? Here the top 5 reasons why you should choose Bluehost.

Why Choose Bluehost?

1. Excellent Support

When you are investing your money in something, you expect that you get proper support from them if you are facing any situations. And when you are looking to buy a host for your blog, this should be the #1 priority.

Bluehost offers a 24/7 support system where you can contact them via email or directly call them and talk to them over the phone. Apart from that, they also offer you to have a live chat session with them so that all of your queries are handled effectively and solved as soon as possible. The support that it offers is the number one reason to choose Bluehost and it doesn’t disappoint us on that point.

2. Affordable Prices

Bluehost offers the best web hosting service at the most affordable price. You can get one year of unlimited web hosting for yourself for as less a $6.95 per month but if you go for longer duration, then you can get the hosting account for just $4.95/month and that’s simply amazing compared to other providers. Bluehost discount coupon codes are not available but that’s okay as their prices are quite low. This makes the second point on why you should choose Bluehost.

3. No Limits

Everything is unlimited with Bluehost shared hosting account, unlike its competitors. If you buy Bluehost hosting, you get a free domain name with your purchase.

Plus, you can host unlimited domain names in your account, you have unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, create unlimited WordPress blogs, create unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts and much more amazing Bluehost features.

But if you have a site with high traffic, you should check out their dedicated hosting and VPS hosting as shared hosting might not work for you.

4. Easy WordPress Installation

Bluehost gives you the option to install WordPress easily. This is the biggest reason to choose Bluehost as it offers you a simple and easy to follow WordPress installation.

You can use SimpleScripts, a one-click WordPress installer, to install WordPress in Bluehost and follow the simple steps in the following screens and you will have your WordPress blog installed and ready to be edited. There is no need of download or upload or configuring anything. Just one click and your WordPress blog is installed.

5. CPanel demo and Easy Account Management

It is the only web hosting company that provides you with an account demo so that you can decide for yourself if you should really go with them or not! Bluehost is so confident in their services that they gives you the chance to test out everything before purchasing the account.

The Cpanel is also quite amazing and easy to use. Its designed properly and no one will ever face any issues with it. Simple, easy to use and amazing! The graphic interface is amazingly designed for the users to easily manage the websites, files, emails, databases, domains, website statistics and many other advanced features like network statistics, error pages etc.

Need Any Other Reason to Choose Bluehost?

These are the 5 reasons that tell you that Bluehost is the best in what it offers. I think that these reasons are enough to tell you why it is the best host for everyone and why you should choose Bluehost! So you must go with it as you won’t be disappointed at all.


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BlueHost vs JustHost Review: Comparison of JustHost and BlueHost

Hosting a website is a very important part of any business that wants to keep up with the competition these days. Thus often the choice of hosting company for your business may be the difference that either makes or breaks your website, and by association, your business. Thus, you should consider many choices that are in your price range before arriving at a decision. Today, in the market there are two very popular hosting companies – Bluehost vs Justhost review.

This is a comparative review of the two companies and the services they provide to their users.As with all hosting companies, both these companies offer similar features at similar rates. However there are still differences between the two companies that set them apart on closer scrutiny. Let us first take the case of JustHost hosting provider.

JustHost Web Hosting Review

JustHost $3.95 Discount Link: Signup Now

The most basic plan that JustHost provides to its users is at the rate of approximately 3.95$ per month. This is obviously pretty cheap when you compare it with the rates of other competitors in the market. This is why JustHost is chosen by people who don’t want to spend a lot of cash. The service provided includes a free domain and even the setup of the website hosting. There are no extraneous costs that are added on as hidden fees to the user. You are provided with unlimited bandwidth and more importantly, with unlimited disk storage. The hosting service also includes special features like unlimited emails, domain hosting and MySQL databases.

The premium plan is available at any stage for any user who might want to upgrade, at a simple price of 8.95$ and this plan comes with not one, but three separate domains. There are also no time restrictions, and you get ownership of these three domains for life. Perhaps the most reassuring move brought about by this company is the money back policy that they provide as a guarantee for all their clients.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Review

Bluehost $3.95 Discount Link: Signup Now

BlueHost is a hosting company that has been around since the advent of the internet, somewhere in 1996, which makes it a prehistoric giant in terms of hosting companies. Their basic plan of membership costs the same as JustHost at 3.95$, so there is clearly no winner when it comes to the pricing. BlueHost also endeavours to please its clientele by providing similar promises of unlimited space and file transfers. However, this company goes one step up and removes all restrictions on the number of domains you can have in its premium membership. Once you take up their web hosting plan, you are assured your choice of free domain as well.

An advantage that shifts the balance towards JustHost is in the 2500 email account limit that BlueHost has prescribed, but truth be told, this does not affect most clients, because they are not big enough to need more than that limit. On the other end of the spectrum BlueHost has its own free cart software and its own free ecommerce software also. And last but not least, BlueHost has this voucher coupon that they have included in Yahoo and Google targeted at anyone interested in PPC or SEO campaigns.

While BlueHost gains on the bigger name and reputation it holds, JustHost has tried to cover that distance by reducing their pricing from the original monthly 6.95$ to 3.95$. But it loses out because of the mandatory 24 month contract that a user needs to accept to get this discount. In recent rankings, both these hosting sites are head to head with each other. Many sites have often reviewed both of them on the basis of various parameters such as score, price, disk space, and overall features. The customer service of both these companies are also on par with each other making it very hard to distinguish between them. In the end, public opinion usually deems BlueHost the more reliable service, even while admitting that it is the costlier service, causing the company to lower its premium membership to a mere 5.95$ per month.

However, to get the clearest performance comparison, one needs to check out the companies’ services from the inside by taking up their respective subscriptions. On doing that, some of the features put BlueHost firmly in the lead in the race. BlueHost services are an excellent combination of support, flexibility and speed.

The 24×7 support provided by BlueHost is completely based in the United States and thus supported by stronger and more reliable infrastructure. The website is completely secure with the user being provided with SSH secure shell access to the domain. The support has a guaranteed response time of less than 30 seconds on an average. While the speed and reliability of the service is backed by the proven track record over the last 17 years. The speed is proved by the SimpleScript apps provided that can be installed on the domain account with just 1 click.

The different tools for easy web hosting solutions are easy to access and use on the cPanel provided in the BlueHost account. Even if you are a newbie, you need not worry about learning the ropes to managing your new website, as cPanel will make this rite of passage very smooth. cPanel effectively removes the need for any expertise on your part in website design or even website management. In fact, BlueHost includes within its package a website builder for free full with templates included. This means you can build your own website to look completely professional, and not need any website designer.

Any new user can get a discount on the basis of the BlueHost coupons that are available freely on the internet. Even without a coupon, every new user gets a free domain name registration for an entire year. In partnership with Google, they even provide their customers with a free credit of upwards of 75$.

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7 Reasons Every Student Should Start a Website

7 Reasons Every Student Should Start a Website

From career boosting to money making, a site of your own comes with the kind of benefits that make a big difference while you’re studying or looking for a job.

1. Think of it as your career ‘game face’

Not only do most recruiters use the web to screen job applicants, more than a third have even knocked back candidates because of their social media activity. According to Andy Sumner at Monster UK, “a Google search will tell a recruiter more than a CV can” — but as scary as that sounds, it’s actually the perfect opportunity to manage your online reputation.

Whatever else you get up to online, a website gives you a professional digital presence to fall back on, as well as a chance of appearing in search results ahead of distracting social stuff. There’s no harm in spreading your personal brand across third-party sites such as LinkedIn too, but starting a website gives you the chance to tell your story in your own way.

2. It’s the ultimate CV

If video content, demos and photos do the best job of showing what you know, a website is what you need. Plus, it’s a lot more discoverable than print or PDF resumes.

An online CV isn’t only a calling card, though: it actively demonstrates you have the skills you say you do (remember the ‘show, don’t tell’ advice about CV writing?). If you’re aiming to get into web design, marketing, publishing— and loads of other professions—a well planned site can sell your enthusiasm for and knowledge of the industry, as well as prove hands-on skills such as coding, picture editing, writing, retail, or flair for SEO.

If your social media already does that, but in lots of different places (Pinterest plus YouTube, or wherever), a website will allow you to keep the highlights in one place — and that means less clicks for employers.

3. You can make money

How to make money from your website is the golden question! Luckily, it’s simple:

Affiliate marketing: Link to partners’ products or services on your site and get a cut of sales from your readers. It’s a neat way to make passive (long-term, low effort) income.

Advertising: Earn cash every time visitors click ads on your site. Google Adsense can automate the process, but if you have the traffic — or the gift of gab — you could make more profit approaching companies directly.

Sponsorship: Allowing retailers to post content on your site (for a fee), or being sent freebies in exchange for a product or service review.

Members’ content: Set up a paid subscribers’ area, or sell downloads of premium content (ebooks, PDFs, insider tips, tutorials, and even audio guides).

Sell products or services: You can sell things you’ve made or can do, too.

There are plenty of other ways to monetize a website but if the ones above sound familiar, it’s because they’re the business backbone of tons of sites you visit everyday. From news and education portals to entertainment, dating, and gaming hubs. And—like them—if you enjoy making content as much as cash, it’s perfectly possible to turn your web work into a whole career.

4. The freedom to do what you love

Got something to shout about? Whatever you care about, you can write, blog or brainstorm it any way you like, including:

Raising money or awareness for a cause.

How-to guides for something you’re an expert in or enjoy doing.

An online journal and/or advice to help others in similar situations.

The freedom to do your own thing is a pretty potent reward but once you’ve got a bank of content, you can always go the monetization route (above). You can also sell your content outright as print or digital books or for use on other websites. It’s great to have the option!

5. A sense of professionalism

It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for jobs or running a business: your own domain name, an email address to match, and some good content looks much more professional. Whether you’re selling products, services, or your career skills, a website demonstrates that you believe in what you’re doing, and are prepared to put in the time and effort.

6. Hands-on experience

Whether you use a website to make money or get your CV seen, there’s nothing like rolling up your sleeves and getting started to see how things work.

Getting and keeping content online is the perfect opportunity to practice problem solving and research skills. You can also perfect your persistence, idea generation, curiosity (how did they do that? And how can I do it?), and network with other influencers. It just so happens, these are all valuable transferable skills as well.

7. It’s ridiculously easy

Luckily, it’s not rocket science! You can start a website — from choosing your domain name and hosting to publishing your first post — in a lunch break or less. Building and buffing your content and brand does take time, of course, but the fewer the hurdles to get to that point, the better.

A website is a bit like a Swiss Army Knife: it’s good for more than one thing. The beauty of it is, you don’t need to be technically minded to be digital. Starting or maintaining a site doesn’t have to take any more time than your average social media fix — and that means bite-size effort, but big-time rewards!

 Guest blog written by Ruth Bushi, an editor at Save the Student – the UK’s largest student money advice site.

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21 Excellent WordPress Website Examples That You Should Check Out in 2018

Excellent WordPress Website Examples That You Should Check Out in 2018

Looking for some excellent WordPress website examples to get inspiration? WordPress has been used by many of the world’s top designers and developers who use it to build highly engaging websites. In this article, we will share some excellent WordPress website examples that you must check out for inspiration.

Excellent WordPress Website Examples That You Should Check Out in 2018

1. The Obama Foundation

The Obama Foundation

The website for the President Obama’s non-profit organization sports a modern unique design that compliments the vision and mission of the foundation. It uses large fonts, Maintree for paragraphs and Gotham SSM for headings.

It has a collapsed navigation menu on the left, which flies in when a user takes mouse over it. Apart from typography and clean simple design, the website utilizes multimedia, social sharing, and page templates for a polished user experience.

2. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

The official website for the popular game. It features a simple design utilizing the game’s fun visual graphics as the main backdrop of every page. This works really well in maintaining the same spirit and consistency as the game itself.

3. 99U


99U is a popular culture and design blog for creatives. It’s homepage features a magazine style template, with sticky navigation menu on top, and featured images displayed in a beautiful masonry grid layout.

4. Creative Ad Awards

Creative Ad Awards

Creative Ad Awards is the place to celebrate the best ads from all over the world. Its homepage features a large fullscreen background image on top which is followed by filterable categories, search box, and a grid of recent posts.

5. The Next Web

The Next Web

The Next Web is a leading online magazine covering topics like technology, science, internet, and more. Its home page features a magazine layout with featured stories on top followed by latest articles, recent posts by category, and custom sections like deals.

It utilizes technologies like lazy loading, CDN, and agressive caching to improve website speed and performance.

6. Studio OUAM

Studio OUAM

Studio OUAM is a French creative agency specializing in visual identity and brand creation. Its homepage features beautiful typography, cursor sensitive animations, beautiful parallax effects, and on-scroll animations.

7. Analytica Projects

Analytica Projects

Analytica Projects is one of the leaders in food quality control. Their website features a highly interactive animation that shows multiple parts of the quality assurance process as a user scrolls down.

8. Animal Logic

Animal Logic

Animal Logic is one of the world’s leading creative digital studios. Their homepage features a beautiful video slider on top, showcasing their work featured in top hollywood movies. The slider is followed by different sections each displayed with beautiful CSS animations.

9. Grette


Grette is a Norway based business law firm. Their website features a minimalist design, collapsed navigation menu, staff profiles, and expertise pages.

10. 10×17


10×17 is a project by 26 artists who visually interpret and countdown their favorite albums of 2017. The website features artwork by the artists and audio tracks from the albums they picked. The overall design is highly colorful, engaging, and interactive.

11. American Scraps

American Scraps

American Scraps converts scrapped artifacts from American history into comics. It features a truly unique design with the latest scrap on top, followed by other recent scraps, and a historical timeline.

12. 99% Invisible

99% Invisible

99% Invisible is one of the most popular podcasts about design. Their website features a beautiful design built for podcasting with easy navigation and quick access to their latest episodes. It has a beautiful podcast player integrated into site’s design.

13. RUYA


Ruya is an identity design and branding agency based in the UAE. Their website features beautiful illustrations, smooth navigation, and a unique layout.

14. method


method is the manufacturer of environment friendly cleaning products. Their website features a mega menu on top, colorful background images, and beautiful animations.

15. Unconquered


Unconquered is a New York City based creative agency that specializes in brand development. Their homepage features a unique video slider and a floating logo that moves across the screen on mouse over.

16. Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo’s website is simple and informative. It features custom logo, business hours, and a navigation menu on top. The homepage content area showcases tiles in a masonry grid with a click to load more button at the bottom.

17. Protest


Protest is a sportswear manufacturer from Netherlands. Their homepage features a product image as the header with featured product categories. It uses WooCommerce for the online store and highly engaging beautiful design for individual product pages.

18. The Cool Club

The Cool Club

The Cool Club sells beautifully designed wall art and card games. Their website features their wall art and card games which uplifts the whole design . Their online store fun to browse and is powered by WooCommerce.

19. Nove


Nove is an advisory agency that helps businesses interact with European institutions. Their website features a unique design with a fullscreen video background, transparent menus, and custom page templates for different sections.

20. Jony Guedj

Jony Guedj

Jony Guedj is the website of freelance film director. It features SMPTE color bars for horizontal navigation, showing artists work as you move mouse along the bar. It is unusual and minimalist which makes the design more interesting and engaging.

21. Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive is the parent company of WPBeginner. Our company’s newly designed website is simple and elegant, featuring a subtle animation in the header with company’s mission as the welcome message. Below that, it shows vital stats, our products, job opportunities, and more.

Building Your Own Amazing Website with WordPress

All websites featured in the list use unique custom designs using various technologies. However, one thing common among all of them is WordPress.

There are two type of WordPress websites. which is a hosted solution and (also known as self-hosted WordPress). See our guide on the difference between vs

We recommend using because it gives you access to all WordPress features out of the box.

You’ll need a domain name and a WordPress hosting account to start your own website with

We recommend Bluehost. They are one of the biggest hosting companies in the world and officially recommended WordPress hosting provider.

After signing up for hosting, follow our guide on how to make a website for step by step instructions.

The design part of your website is controlled by your WordPress theme. All the websites mentioned above use a custom WordPress theme. A custom WordPress website will cost you a lot of money.

If you are just starting out, then you can start with an existing WordPress theme. There are thousands of beautiful WordPress themes that you can install.

See some of our hand-picked lists of the best WordPress themes that you can try:

  • Best Free WordPress themes
  • Best Business themes for WordPress
  • Best Magazine-style WordPress themes
  • Best WooCommerce WordPress themes

We hope this article helped you find some excellent WordPress website examples to get inspired and motivated. You may also want to see our list of most notable big name brands that are using WordPress.

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