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Bluehost is a top rated web hosting provider. Since the company kicked off operation in 1996, it has maintained quality service at the best possible cost, thus fulfilling its vision. The company has its own in-house servers and web hosting technological facilities. Consequently, they do not outsource the web hosting services of their clients as some web hosting companies would do. Right now, Bluehost is offering promo $3.95 per month to further lower its already-low web hosting cost.


Bluehost is renowned for wide arrays of both basic and sophisticated web hosting features which are mostly unlimited features. Unlimited features guarantee no-limit access to the benefits that such feature has to offer. The good news is this; you can enjoy all of the Bluehost’s unlimited web hosting features for a fraction of the original cost. In previous review, we outlined two unlimited features from Bluehost with details on how such features work and the benefits that follow.

Here are more of Bluehost’s UNLIMITED web hosting features for both individuals and business owners;

Unlimited Add-on Domains

Perhaps the best way to start is to explain what unlimited add-on domains are. These are simply the domains you include onto your primary hosting account. This feature comes with an integrated sub-directory and you can add separate databases to the sub-directory, including files as well as other forms of contents.

If a web host does not support multiple-domains hosting, they will not offer add-on domains feature. The import of add-on domains is extremely significant if you intend to host multiple websites on a single web hosting account. Among other tons of benefits, add-on domains tool widens your opportunity in terms of multiple websites management using a top-notch cPanel. Bluehost’s add-on domains support helps to eliminate the hassles that naturally come with hosting multiple websites, especially when such websites are hosted on different web hosting platforms. Several web hosting providers do not provide add-on domains feature and may possibly charge the same fee that Bluehost offers. The providers who tend to offer the add-on domains feature would usually request for additional fee for this feature. When you analyze this factor critically, you will discover the tons of $$$ you will save plus other benefits by simply opting for more viable option.

Unlimited SubDomains

Unlimited sub-domains tool is one of Bluehost’s numerous desirable features which can also be accessed without paying the full web hosting price. When compared to other web hosts, Bluehost combines affordability with high-tech for maximum users’ experience. If you intend to operate a blog related to your primary website’s theme, you will discover that the unlimited sub-domains feature is highly beneficial.

How Beneficial is Bluehost’s Unlimited Subdomains Feature?

Perhaps you intention is to host a large website. If this is the case, you would necessarily have to split your website’s content into sub-domains in order to organize them on categories basis with ease. This will also enable your site visitors to find what they are looking for with ease. Here’s a typical example; if you have a blog you want to connect to your primary website, you can use the sub-domains feature to organize your entire blog entries. Subsequently, if your primary site is centered on weight loss for instance, and you desire to run a blog centered on weight loss, you can create different subdomains for each category such as Working Out, Weight Loss Foods, Tips for Keeping Fit and more. Obviously, sub-domains feature is an excellent web hosting tool that enables a user to group all entries with ease.

Remember, BlueHost sub-domains feature is unlimited. In essence, you can create as many sub-domains as possible since there is no limit! In comparison, a good number of web hosting companies may place a limit to the number of sub-domains you can create on their platform. Some may limit sub-domains creation to 10 or 20, and of course this in turn places a limit to the number of categories or entries you can group your web contents.

Additionally, the unlimited sub-domain feature from BlueHost enables websites owners to modify or update the contents of their websites with ease and according to their own preference. You don’t have to be a technical pro to handle this tool, even a newbie can create subdomains easily because of the tool’s user-friendly nature. So, changing the appearance of your website by applying some modifications on the templates is a great way to keep your site fully operational while it is undergoing a normal maintenance. This would not alter the contents of the site at all.

These unlimited features and others listed in previous posts can be leveraged right now for half the original web hosting cost offered by BlueHost. In essence, you no longer need to pay 6.95 per month, you can enjoy full range of BlueHost unlimited webhosting features with the $3.95 promo discount.


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