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Hosting a website is a very important part of any business that wants to keep up with the competition these days. Thus often the choice of hosting company for your business may be the difference that either makes or breaks your website, and by association, your business. Thus, you should consider many choices that are in your price range before arriving at a decision. Today, in the market there are two very popular hosting companies – Bluehost vs Justhost review.

This is a comparative review of the two companies and the services they provide to their users.As with all hosting companies, both these companies offer similar features at similar rates. However there are still differences between the two companies that set them apart on closer scrutiny. Let us first take the case of JustHost hosting provider.

JustHost Web Hosting Review

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The most basic plan that JustHost provides to its users is at the rate of approximately 3.95$ per month. This is obviously pretty cheap when you compare it with the rates of other competitors in the market. This is why JustHost is chosen by people who don’t want to spend a lot of cash. The service provided includes a free domain and even the setup of the website hosting. There are no extraneous costs that are added on as hidden fees to the user. You are provided with unlimited bandwidth and more importantly, with unlimited disk storage. The hosting service also includes special features like unlimited emails, domain hosting and MySQL databases.

The premium plan is available at any stage for any user who might want to upgrade, at a simple price of 8.95$ and this plan comes with not one, but three separate domains. There are also no time restrictions, and you get ownership of these three domains for life. Perhaps the most reassuring move brought about by this company is the money back policy that they provide as a guarantee for all their clients.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Review

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BlueHost is a hosting company that has been around since the advent of the internet, somewhere in 1996, which makes it a prehistoric giant in terms of hosting companies. Their basic plan of membership costs the same as JustHost at 3.95$, so there is clearly no winner when it comes to the pricing. BlueHost also endeavours to please its clientele by providing similar promises of unlimited space and file transfers. However, this company goes one step up and removes all restrictions on the number of domains you can have in its premium membership. Once you take up their web hosting plan, you are assured your choice of free domain as well.

An advantage that shifts the balance towards JustHost is in the 2500 email account limit that BlueHost has prescribed, but truth be told, this does not affect most clients, because they are not big enough to need more than that limit. On the other end of the spectrum BlueHost has its own free cart software and its own free ecommerce software also. And last but not least, BlueHost has this voucher coupon that they have included in Yahoo and Google targeted at anyone interested in PPC or SEO campaigns.

While BlueHost gains on the bigger name and reputation it holds, JustHost has tried to cover that distance by reducing their pricing from the original monthly 6.95$ to 3.95$. But it loses out because of the mandatory 24 month contract that a user needs to accept to get this discount. In recent rankings, both these hosting sites are head to head with each other. Many sites have often reviewed both of them on the basis of various parameters such as score, price, disk space, and overall features. The customer service of both these companies are also on par with each other making it very hard to distinguish between them. In the end, public opinion usually deems BlueHost the more reliable service, even while admitting that it is the costlier service, causing the company to lower its premium membership to a mere 5.95$ per month.

However, to get the clearest performance comparison, one needs to check out the companies’ services from the inside by taking up their respective subscriptions. On doing that, some of the features put BlueHost firmly in the lead in the race. BlueHost services are an excellent combination of support, flexibility and speed.

The 24×7 support provided by BlueHost is completely based in the United States and thus supported by stronger and more reliable infrastructure. The website is completely secure with the user being provided with SSH secure shell access to the domain. The support has a guaranteed response time of less than 30 seconds on an average. While the speed and reliability of the service is backed by the proven track record over the last 17 years. The speed is proved by the SimpleScript apps provided that can be installed on the domain account with just 1 click.

The different tools for easy web hosting solutions are easy to access and use on the cPanel provided in the BlueHost account. Even if you are a newbie, you need not worry about learning the ropes to managing your new website, as cPanel will make this rite of passage very smooth. cPanel effectively removes the need for any expertise on your part in website design or even website management. In fact, BlueHost includes within its package a website builder for free full with templates included. This means you can build your own website to look completely professional, and not need any website designer.

Any new user can get a discount on the basis of the BlueHost coupons that are available freely on the internet. Even without a coupon, every new user gets a free domain name registration for an entire year. In partnership with Google, they even provide their customers with a free credit of upwards of 75$.

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