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Perhaps you are just getting started on web hosting or simply want to change your web host. In both cases, it can be a daunting task trying to pick the best web hosting provider since there are tons of them currently. One of the best ways to make a quick decision about which web host to go for is to consider two factors – affordability and quality. You definitely want to pay less on web hosting without getting low quality in return.

BlueHost is one of the top web hosting companies that combine affordability with high quality. And, their hosting fee even gets lower with BlueHost Discount $3.95 Per Month, plus the tons of unlimited and general hosting features to enjoy. So, if affordability and top quality web hosting service is your target, you would want to consider BlueHost.

This review presents you with some of the numerous Bluehost web hosting features that you can take advantage of, even if you are leveraging the discount promo price 3.95 Per Month.

Explore the following BlueHost web hosting features;

BlueHost Site Backup

If you decide to subscribe to BlueHost web hosting activities, one of the highly essential features you can take advantage of is the Site Backup tool. You definitely want to be guaranteed of the safety of your data. Sometimes, one may lose valuable data over the internet in quick succession due to sudden technical issues. However, if you are using the services of a reliable web hosting provider, the safety of your data is consistently guaranteed.

Some of the factors that may facilitate loss of data online include hacking, power outages, failed IT systems as well as virus invasion. In fact, you may even delete your important data accidentally which would ultimately result in data loss. For several companies, the last resort for data protection/recovery is a tape drive or some not-so-reliable backup devices. If such devices fail to function, a webmaster may never recover essential data again. However, if you step up in your choice of web hosting company, you would be lucky to leverage sophisticated site backup tools such as the one that BlueHost offers. Subsequently, you can go to sleep without worries about the safety of your essential online data.

BlueHost Web File Manager

Having a high-grade control panel is something that any webmaster should look out for when trying to select a web hosting company. A web host that places a sophisticated control panel in the frontline makes hosting account easily accessible and manageable for the users. Consequently, users can easily administer and control their websites, especially in the aspect of web file uploading.

The control panel that comes with Bluehost web hosting features an intuitive and easy-to-use File Manager. This tool is essentially important as it facilitates the uploading of any file format to a webmaster’s account, including the management of such files. In addition to aiding files uploading, Bluehost’s control panel is also very helpful for editing and downloading. It can also be very useful for files renaming.

MySQL Database from BlueHost

Any webmaster desiring to leverage the most innovative database management system (DBMS) can make the dream come true by taking advantage of BlueHost’s latest MySQL Database Server, even at a discounted rate of 3.95 Per Month. This sophisticated web hosting feature is fast and reliable, making it a popular choice for webmasters all over the world. It is a multi-user DBMS that comes with several threads as well as optimum performance.

BlueHosts MYSQL is an open source system, thus making it popular among webmasters. Being an open source system makes this tool easy to acquire and use. And, if you are subscribed to a reliable web hosting platform, you will enjoy the full benefits of this tool. This tool works on wide range of operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Unix. Since it is a high-speed and highly secured option, it works best for wide arrays of online-based applications. MySQL database management tool is adapted to handle massive data, which it achieves at high speeds in order to beat certain technical problems.

BlueHost FTP Access

FTP access is one of BlueHost’s web hosting features you can take advantage of even if you are paying only half of the original cost. The FTP tool enables users access to the network, so that they can exchange files securely over the web, including larger files that do not work with conventional email file attachment. The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol. Most of the web hosting companies provide FTP access but BlueHost appears to stand out with its user-friendly FTP tool. In essence, even a newbie can get a grasp of the tool easily.


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